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My name is Reuben Washington, a former college athlete and a multi-business owner from North Jacksonville, Florida. I graduated from Andrew Jackson Sr High School with honors as a member of the National Honors Society, receiving the "Community Service Award" and the "Life Gets Better Award" my senior year. These accolades honored my exceptional commitment to community service, academic excellence, and athletic achievements, securing over $700,000 in scholarships. I have an entrepreneurial mindset with an educational background in Business Management, earning an Associate of Science from Webber International University, an Associate of Art from Savannah State University, and a Bachelor in Business Administration Management from Savannah State University. I am currently pursuing an MBA at Edward's Water University. I currently work for Duval County Public Schools and serves as the program coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida Teen Center.

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My Story

Growing up in a community thirsting for change, I confronted hardships and heartaches at an early age, marked by the profound loss of my father. Witnessing my mother navigate through struggles to provide for me while prioritizing my future above all else ignited an unwavering determination within me. This determination fueled my quest to defy the odds in my community — to graduate high school with honors, enter college, and ultimately pursue a Ph.D. I seized every resource available, participating in the early college program, and engaging in multiple internships. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals helped me showcase my skills and compete at my best. Amidst receiving over 40 football scholarship offers in my senior year, a different calling emerged during my college football career. Despite the opportunities, I felt an innate desire to pay forward the blessings I received. This led to the creation of RETIREMOMSSOS—a growing nonprofit aimed at aiding single parents, the unhoused, and the less fortunate. Mya upbringing taught me invaluable lessons, guiding me through life's obstacles, leading me to realize the importance of extending a helping hand. Now, I’m driven to give back and create change, one community at a time, just as I yearned for in my upbringing. RETIREMOMSSOS seeks to empower future generations to surpass my own achievements. I am committed to breaking the cycle of enduring hardship by offering support and fostering a community driven by compassion.

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