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Who are we?

RETIREMOMSSOS is a community service nonprofit. With a vision to serve, impact, and develop
the communities of Chatham, and Duval County. The name
"RETIREMOMSSOS" for better
understanding can be broken down into two different parts. "
RETIREMOMS" is a word used to
describe like minded entrepreneurial individuals who thrive to be successful enough to retire their mom! While "
SOS" is an acronym for an appeal for help which stands for Save our Society. Our mission is to mobilize to help in any way we can to ensure that we leave a place in better standing. Our organization commits to serving to uphold people on their journey by providing community services to meet the basic needs of families in the community.

Get to Know Us

Our team affirms the integrity of everyone, and seek to further enhance each person’s self-worth in any way possible!

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